July 7, 2021

Dear Valued Flowbird Client:

On July 5th, Flowbird was made aware that some credit card transactions made at Flowbird parking pay stations between July 1 and July 5 may have been submitted multiple times in error as a result of a credit card processing software issue. Below is our understanding of the issue, the steps Flowbird has taken to isolate and rectify the root cause, and the steps we continue to take to minimize the impact on parking customers and Flowbird clients.

  • This was not a security violation or software hack. All credit card data is safe and protected.
  • The root cause of the problem was a software upgrade performed at the credit card gateway level on July 1st 2021. The update was done as part of our PCI renewal audit preparation. The PCI compliance audit requires us to ensure that all software included in the PCI scope is up-to-date. Testing was done prior to software release.
  • Once the problem was identified, a fix was immediately developed, tested and released on July 6th 2021 at 9am ET. During this period, we proactively started refunding transactions that were submitted multiple times. We are continuing the process of refunding transactions.
  • Flowbird is having continuous dialogue with clients and parking customers to provide the best possible service and we are sensitive to each individual’s needs to have their transactions refunded in an expeditious manner.

If you have any questions, please address them to:

Sean Renn, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Flowbird North America
[email protected]

Please know that we are addressing this issue as our top priority, and will continue to work until all such transactions are refunded in the proper way.


Benoit Reliquet
President, Flowbird North America
[email protected]

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