The Funds Committee, which consists of the Mayor, the Comptroller, and the Treasurer, is required to make an annual evaluation of the financial institutions seeking to be City of St. Louis depositories.

The Funds Committee is committed to ensuring that the institutions selected to be authorized depositories of City funds provide credit in a fair and unbiased manner to City residents. Banks and financial institutions are encouraged to increase their financial commitment to the revitalization of the City through mortgage and home improvement loans to credit-worthy individuals, and through commercial loans to facilitate development and redevelopment throughout the City.



City Depository Letter

Pursuant to City Ordinance #64457, the Funds Committee, consisting of the Mayor, the Comptroller, and the Treasurer is required each year to evaluate the financial institutions seeking to be City depositories. This process must be completed not later than June 6, 2019.


City Depository Instructions

Please submit the following data in the format specified. Data tables are provided as templates for requested data that is currently not publicly available or regularly submitted. Data are to be provided from calendar year 2018. Dollar amounts should be reported in the $1000s.

City of St. Louis Funds Committee Financial Institution List- City Depositories FY 2019

1st Financial Federal Credit Union Bank of America Busey Bank
Commerce Bank Enterprise Bank
First Bank Lindell Bank
Midwest BankCentre PNC Bank
Regions Bank Reliance Bank
Royal Bank UMB Bank
US Bank

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