Initiative to promote financial literacy

The Treasurer’s Office is teaming up with the St. Louis Regional Unbanked Task Force to celebrate the second anniversary of the Bank On, Save Up St. Louis initiative. This celebration takes place on Friday, February 28 at 10:00 am, at the William J. Harrison Education Center, 3140 Cass Avenue, 63106.

Bank On, Save Up St. Louis is working to help bring financial stability to St. Louis families by teaching them about financial literacy and money management.

According to the FDIC’s 2011 Unbanked Household Survey, 9.7 percent of households in the St. Louis metro area are unbanked (meaning they are not served by a bank or similar financial institution), while 20.1 percent of St. Louis metro households are under banked (meaning they have poor access to mainstream financial services normally offered by retail banks). The Bank On, Save Up St. Louis initiative has a goal of helping 20,000 St. Louis metro households become bankable over the next two years.