St. Louis reclaims public space PARK(ing) Day, an international urbanist holiday.

PARK(ing) Day is an annual, international celebration of public space that invites citizens to repurpose public parking spaces into mini-parks  for a day. 

The purpose of PARK(ing) Day is to bring awareness to the importance of public open space in the community as an opportunity for gathering, relaxation, and cultivating stronger connections within the community. 

On Friday, September 20, many local residents and business owners curated visually appealing parklets to invite others to commune. 

Trailnet and CBB Transportation Engineers

Did you see The St. Louis Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE)?

The St. Louis Office of Financial Empowerment repurposed their parking space into a very resourceful lounge area! As residents approached OFE’s public space, they were met with an abundance of financial literacy, the famous OFE game wheel, FREE financial empowerment class flyers, and even a space to relax on a rug while receiving free credit counseling, thanks to Reginald Garth of Operation HOPE. 

Just another parking zone away, SWT Design, a PARK(ing) Day STL co-organizer and participant, decked out their public space as a mini-park. SWT provided residents with literature about their mission, fun outdoor games, free beverages and more! 

PARK(ing) Day is a great opportunity to promote the benefit of more safe, public spaces for neighbors to have fun in community with each other,” said Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones

“Thanks to the organizers for putting this together, and to everyone who came to hang out and enjoy these spontaneous communities.”

We truly enjoyed participating in and co-organizing PARK(ing) Day STL 2019 with CBB Transportation and SWT Design. We appreciate every participant who made it happen and offered a piece of inspiration to celebrate public, communal spaces: 

  • Cherokee Street – Nebula, Flowers and Weeds, Bespoke, Fortune Teller Bar, and Taco & Ice Cream Joint  

  • The Grove – Running Niche and Arbolope Studio

  • Central West End – St. Louis Office of Financial Empowerment, Trailnet and CBB Transportation, BrandThisPlace, Ten8 Studios, SWT Design and St. Louis ASLA 

  • Downtown – Forest ReLeaf of Missouri and STL TreeLC 

Would you like to participate in PARK(ing) Day STL 2020?

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